How to Combine a Perfect and Harmonious Minimalist Home Paint

For the sake of convenience, saving costs and time, we can indeed apply one color to the whole house. However, this will make the house feel boring and lose its characteristics. Houses with harmonious and harmonious color combinations will make residents feel comfortable, feel at home in it, and more familiar with each other. Combining the right color combination is very important. This article will inform you how to combine harmonious and harmonious minimalist home paint.
Home paint is not just the color of the wall, but the whole house including, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, doors and frames, even to the color of fabrics and curtains.

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1. Use Color Discs
Of the three basic paint colors, namely red, yellow, and blue, secondary, tertiary and derivative colors will be obtained. The easiest way to get harmonious and harmonious colors is to choose colors next to each other. However, if you want to get a contrasting color but still harmonious and not to be tacky, the colors are opposite, or even the colors that make up the 900 angle will complement and blend harmoniously.

2. Adjust to Room Size

Bright colors, such as white, light yellow, and light brown are indeed advised to give a broad impression on small-sized space.
However, that does not mean the choices are limited. The choice of other darker colors can be applied to furniture, cushion, or walls, but with not too many servings.

3. Determine the Concept for Every Space

Minimalist style does not have to be 100%, it can also be combined with contemporary style, pop art, contemporary, and so on. The most important thing is that every room must be designed as comfortably as possible according to its function.

So, the choice of colors for minimalist home paint is unlimited. Determine the needs, concepts and impressions you want to display in each space. Take advantage of color discs to determine the balance of harmony or contrast of the color combination that will be used. Pay attention to the usage portion of each color. And…. get a blend of minimalist and harmonious home paint!