Minimalist Front View Home Design

Not only on the inside, a minimalist front-looking house must also be in accordance with the overall concept of a minimalist style house. If on the inside you use a combination with furniture, on the front you have to think about the aesthetics and nuances you want to display. Here is an idea of ​​a minimalist front of the house.

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The design so that the house looks minimalist is with the natural stone order at the front. Minimalist house in front of natural stone is widely used in homes with large and small types because this style is timeless. You don’t need to think about the combination of wall paint colors that match your style, just adjust the yard and chairs that are suitable for relaxing.

1. Terrace support
You can use a type of andesite to beautify the pillar on the porch of the house. Andesite stone is synonymous with long durability, making it suitable for those of you who want to display a minimalist home with a long period of time.

2. Wall
The wall section of the terrace is the attraction of your home in the eyes of others. In order to look unique, you can use stone type temple stone. This stone has a texture that looks wild and porous, but when used for walls it will look more artistic.

3. Park
In the garden section, you can plant beautiful ornamental plants in small pots. In parts of the land, you can put a few paving blocks with a mix of small natural stones. The stones will add beautiful soil decoration rather than being left with the appearance of grassy land. The rock gap will not hold rain water because it can absorb water through the gap.

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